Genesis 8

The chapter in the NIV translation begins with the word “But”. I thought this was an odd way to begin a chapter, so I refreshed my memory on what just happened as this seemed to be connecting itself to a previous action.

Up to this point, the story of the flood had been about God’s judgement and punishment on mankind, moving forward it becomes a story of redemption. God had not forgotten about Noah and his family and all the animals, but saved them. (As a side note, in my Bible’s footnotes, it said “that to ‘remember’ in the Bible is not merely to recall to mind, but to express a concern, and to act with loving care.” This is true of God here, and also reminds me of God remembering His chosen people during the great Exodus.

Speaking about an exodus, how awesome would it have been to hear God say, “Come out of the ark”!

The first thing Noah does after coming out of the ark, is build an altar to the Lord. I’m sure for most people, their first thoughts would be what we usually here on Survivor……..Okay, we have a lot of work to do, so let’s start building our shelter and make sure we have food. But not Noah. He takes the first moment he has, and gives it back to the Lord. What a great example Noah was in demonstrating the importance of giving back to the Lord our best and our first in everything!


4 thoughts on “Genesis 8

  1. Great reminder to always put God first in everything and in every moment!
    I found it interesting that God said that He recognizes that the human heart is evil, and yet still he has decided to never curse the ground because of humans. That really is the definition of God’s mercy and grace. Mercy being not getting what we deserve, and grace being getting what we don’t deserve.

  2. It’s interesting that “but” stood out for me too. I wondered why it was mentioned that God remembered Noah…I was thinking how could He have forgotten the only righteous man who followed His instructions to build a giant boat?! But the definition for remember was helpful. I also thought about Noah’s first response was in praise. Maybe it was Noah’s actions that solidified God’s resolve to not flood the earth again?? We are in need of God’s mercy and grace and when we acknowledge this then God gives it freely. Another thing that stood out for me was that often we think of the 40 days and nights of rain and not the 9 months after that before God would call Noah and his family out of the ark. That would have been a long time to wait.

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